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Belt and Road propels cultural exchanges

At the recent “Chinese-Western Cultural Exchange Forum Under the BRI” held in Dunhuang, Gansu Province, more than 150 experts from both home and abroad discussed how the Belt and Road (B&R) can p...

China-Africa Think Tanks Forum boosts cooperation

北京赛车代理做流水 At the Eighth Meeting of the China-Africa Think Tanks Forum in late August, Chinese and African experts gathered in Beijing for discussion on how to fully implement the follow-up actions of the 201...

US experts call on US-China sub-national cooperation to continue

北京赛车代理做流水 A panel of experts as well as former and current US government officials convened to discuss the future of China-US relations from the perspective of sub-national cooperation at a public event host...

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Interview with Wang Gungwu on significance of studying overs

Wang Gungwu is a distinguished Australian historian who studies overseas Chinese. He currently works at the Faculty of Arts & Social Scie...

li xueqin_副本99.jpg

Li Xueqin’s scholarly journey through ancient history

An expert on history, archaeology, philology and palaeography, the encyclopedic scholar, filled with interest, persistence and curiosity,...


Scholar spends lifetime systematizing Chinese folktales

Liu Shouhua was born in August 1935 in Xiantao, Hubei Province. He graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Ce...

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